Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trad or Mod?

Like a strange slightly deranged argument the old vs modern question has arisen. Not that it’s ever really  gone away but recently a comment made by Paul Finch regarding his admiration for modernist structures at the nearly to be complete Olympic site in London has ruffled a few classical feathers especially Robert Adam’s.  

It’s an inconclusive if fraught argument often very opinionated and bias but you do have to hand it to Robert Adam for standing up for a breed of architect that is often seen as tertiary to mainstream architecture in Britain today. Often it’s hard to quantify why there is such a divide and really why there is so much negativity to anything that isn’t achingly along the lines of the modern idiom.

I believe that there is space for both and that we should respect a traditional standpoint as well as a modern one. It is ignorant to ignore the past but it is also arrogant to dismiss the future. The real argument should be vented about integrity. 

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